#299: Ask Paula and Joe: Should I Sell My $575,000 in Tesla Stock?

Ask Paula and Joe - Afford Anything Podcast #108 - I don't know how to investChris bought Tesla a pair of years ago and Jinko Photo voltaic eight months ago. Both of these get long previous up in price by a lot. What tax strategies can he use to sell these shares?

Holly and her three sisters stand to inherit two aspect-by-aspect duplexes. How can they structure the possession of these properties in an even approach?

Eric feels hopeless about health insurance as a self-employed enterprise owner. Are DPCs or healthshares the technique to shuffle?

Frank and his principal other get a 9-300 and sixty five days retirement plot that entails promoting their home and transferring to Costa Rica. How can they maximize their financial savings and existing investments to construct themselves up for success?

My friend and ragged monetary planner Joe Saul-Sehy joins me to retort these four questions on this day’s episode. Catch pleasure from!

Chris asks (at 1: 33 minutes):
I purchased Tesla for $25,000 a pair of years ago. I get 675 shares, making it price $575,100 on the time of this episode.

Eight months ago, I moreover bought one more single stock – Jinko Photo voltaic – for $20,000, which is price $70,000. (I get around 1,100 shares.)

These are clearly substantial capital features. If I had been to sell all of my shares in one sale, the taxes are almost equal to my annual salary. If I have to bite the bullet and explore on the shining aspect, in build of on the amount of taxes I’d pay, I will – but given the amount of tax in this area, accomplish it is seemingly you’ll even get any advice on promoting and rebalancing in a tax efficient approach?

For context: I’m 27, FIRE, and carry out $80,000 per 300 and sixty five days. I max out my 401okay, which is in a Main edge Target Date fund. My home is valued around $250,000 and I get 14 years left on the mortgage – the balance is $180,000. I get a pair of different stocks, however the price is minimal when put next with Tesla and Jinko.

Frank asks (at 26: 25 minutes):
My principal other and I get a 9-300 and sixty five days plot to retire to Costa Rica. We’re debt free other than a newly refinanced 15-300 and sixty five days mortgage. We keep around $2,000 per month, and we moreover contribute $6,000 per 300 and sixty five days every to our Roth retirement accounts. At age 55, I’ll birth up collecting $500 per month from a issue pension. We’re moreover very frugal.

We get $110,000 in index funds and $35,000 spoil up between a six-month emergency fund and a vacation fund. We rent out a room in our home and we sell items on-line. These aspect hustles bag us an additional $1,200 per month, giving us a whole of $3,200 per month to invest. We moreover get two rental properties that generate $450 in earnings every month.

Our 9-300 and sixty five days plot entails promoting our home in the states and paying cash for a home in Costa Rica. We’d admire to capture a separate property to use for guests once they advance to chat over with, which we’ll rent out when it’s no longer in use.

Our estimated month-to-month living expenses (which encompass fun excursions) are $2,500. Since we gained’t map down from our retirement funds till we’re 59.5, we want to substantiate that we’re financially covered for around 10 years.

Given that now we get 9 years to style essentially the most of our investments, what can also aloof we accomplish with our $110,000 for the time being in index funds, plus the $3,200 per month now we must in any respect times invest? Persist with index funds? Decide more leases? Is there something else we’re missing?

Our hope is to dwell off of rental earnings, passion from investments, or a mixture of two. Nonetheless, procuring a rental in our rental looks insane as properties listed below are tremendously overrated correct now. What can also aloof we accomplish?

Eric asks (at 41: 11 minutes):
I’m at a level the keep I’d have to stop my enterprise and get a beefy-time job for the only real motive of health insurance.

I became reading Mr. Money Mustache’s put up on DPCs and health shares. He talked about Sedera. Is this a correct answer? What if something catastrophic happens?

Holly asks (at 51: 42 minutes):
My three sisters and I stand to inherit two duplexes that are correct subsequent to one one more. They are four one-bedroom units, two hooked up. We’re inheriting them by a belief – confidently no longer anytime almost in the present day.

I get a pair of questions on structure the possession of these properties. Together, the units are price about $1.1M and they also can rent for $1,600. The bag earnings is $47,000 per 300 and sixty five days, and we’d admire these units to be professionally managed.

As for operations, I have to operate them as a multiunit property the keep we flee the earnings and expenses together and divide by four. We are in a position to receive profit of economies of scale and moreover mitigate the threat of vacancy in one of the units. (How would we build a unit to every of us moderately, anyway?)

Past the Four Ds, is there the relaxation to assume? For instance, if we inherit the properties by a belief, will we want to put together one more firm to retain them?

Also, the keep can also aloof we park the emergency reserves? I don’t mediate we can also aloof rely on every of the sisters to retain one quarter of the an vital reserves in case any of us is tempted to employ it.

Lastly, what can also aloof we accomplish if one of our sisters wants to dwell in a unit, in build of rent it out? Would she rent it admire one one more tenant who happens to revel in half of the profit, or can also aloof she separate the unit from the others and no longer half in the profit from the factitious three?

I’d admire to care for a long way from stress between the four of us. Any advice it is seemingly you’ll also supply?

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