Elon Musk says he’ll sell Tesla stock to solve world hunger if UN shows how money is spent

Will eccentric billionaire Elon Musk meet the issue?

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO acknowledged he would promote Tesla inventory and donate the money if the United Countries may presumably demonstrate that a share of his wealth may presumably set up hundreds and hundreds of lives globally from starvation.

Musk made the ask Sunday responding to a tweet from eminent researcher Dr. David Eli who acknowledged 2% of Musk’s wealth is price $6 billion and acknowledged that the UN World Food Programme (WFP) raised $8.4 billion.

“How advance it didn’t ‘resolve world starvation?'” David quipped.

Musk tweeted that “If WFP can recount on this Twitter thread precisely how $6B will resolve world starvation, I am going to promote Tesla inventory correct now and pause it.” 

The comments advance after WFP Director David Beasley reportedly acknowledged on CNN final week and in a series of tweets that “the area desires to wake up.” Beasley acknowledged a “one-time” donation from the head 400 billionaires in the U.S. may presumably reduction set up the lives of 42 million of us this year. 

“The governments are tapped out. Right here is why and here is when … the billionaires want to step up now on a one-time foundation, $6 billion to reduction 42 million of us who are actually going to die if we do not reach them,” Beasley acknowledged. “It be no longer refined.”

Beasley singled out Musk and Amazon and Blue Foundation founder Jeff Bezos, the two richest of us on this planet, saying they may presumably every for my fragment reduction these in need with a minute fragment of their wealth. 

Musk currently has a exact-time get price of nearly $309 billion, in step with Forbes, along with his wealth surpassing the $200 billion tag two months previously. Meanwhile, Bezos has a exact-time get price of about $193 billion, Forbes acknowledged. 

When files spread and analysts estimated that Musk will comprise surpassed Bezos as the area’s richest person, he tweeted at Bezos a silver second-set medal emoji. 

Meanwhile, Beasley is pleading for his or her reduction. He acknowledged if the area’s top 400 billionaires chipped in, all it can keep to cease famine is .36% of their entire get price will enhance as 43 worldwide locations globally are “knocking on” famine’s door.

“I am no longer asking them to pause this daily, every week, yearly,” Beasley told CNN final Wednesday. “Now we comprise a one-time crisis: a ultimate storm of conflict, climate swap and COVID. It be a one-time phenomenon. Exact reduction me with them one time. That is a $6 billion label.” 

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Beasley added that “The area’s in danger and you may very successfully be telling me you can not give me .36% of your get price amplify to reduction the area in danger, in times like this? What if it used to be your daughter ravenous to loss of life? What if it used to be your family ravenous to loss of life? Rating up, smell the espresso, and reduction.”

Musk looked open to the conception, but tweeted on Sunday to Beasley and Eli that the UN’s job “ought to be open offer accounting, so the public sees precisely how the money is spent.

“Please submit your new & proposed spending intimately so of us can glance precisely where (the) money goes,” Musk continued. “Sunlight is a elegant thing.”

Celeb chef José Andrés also tweeted at Musk to thrill step up. 

“Let’s pause it @elonmusk we must at all times initiating investing in alternatives no longer retain throwing money at the issue! @WFPChief and I with @WCKitchen and heaps of others willing to pause it….but first we must at all times give exclaim to the voiceless….” Andrés acknowledged.

Beasley tweeted at Musk in response that while $6 billion will no longer resolve world starvation, “it WILL cease geopolitical instability, mass migration and set up 42 million of us on the level of starvation.” 

Beasley also tweeted to Musk that along with his reduction, “we are succesful of ship hope, produce stability and swap the prolonged spin.

“Let’s focus on: It isn’t as refined as Falcon Heavy, but an excessive amount of at stake to no longer finally comprise a dialog,” Beasley acknowledged. “I could presumably very successfully be on the subsequent flight to you. Throw me out ought to you don’t like what you hear!”

On Monday, Beasley tweeted again for Musk’s assistance.

“As a change of tweets, allow me to issue you. We are succesful of meet any place—Earth or dwelling—but I counsel in the sphere where that you may glance (World Food Programme)’s of us, processes and sure, technology, at work” Beasley acknowledged. “I am going to ship the idea, and open books.”

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