Elon Musk’s pile of money is now bigger than Bill Gates’s pile of money

By Stan Schroeder

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In the combat of rich, white dudes changing into even richer, Elon Musk is successful. 

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has overtaken Invoice Gates to turn out to be the 2nd richest man on the earth, within the aid of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Bloomberg has assessed. 

Here is due to of Tesla stock lately soaring after changing into share of the S&P 500 index, propelling Musk’s bag rate to $127.9 billion, which is purely a minute (by honest a minute, I mean $200 million) bigger than Gates’s $127.7 billion. Bezos is gathered some distance ahead with a bag rate of $182 billion. 

While this sounds like a come-insurmountable gap, one could possibly also gathered assist in thoughts that Musk added $100.3 billion to his bag rate staunch in 2020. Musk and Bezos are also opponents within the house flee (Bezos is CEO of spaceflight company Blue Origin), so this combat of titans will likely be a spicy one to witness play out.

Bloomberg says right here is most effective the 2nd time in eight years that Gates is ranked decrease than number two. The particular person has been giving freely billions to charitable causes so we’ll recall he’s no longer that drawn to the ranking, anyhow. 

Musk, who has a $0 salary at Tesla, is poised to turn out to be vastly richer over the following couple of years. The particular person has a profitable compensation opinion which could possibly bag him billions if Tesla retains hitting some very ambitious targets, which up to now it has. 

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