February’s Been a Huge Month for Elon Musk

Tesla’s enigmatic founder hit the trifecta.

Danny Vena

It appears to be like that the total lot Elon Musk does attracts consideration. The CEO of electrical car kingpin Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) appears to be like to bear a knack for making headlines. In the buzz that continually surrounds him, in actuality arresting recordsdata can salvage misplaced in the chaos.

On this clip from Motley Fool Live, recorded on Feb. 12, “The Wrap” host Jason Hall and Fool.com contributor Danny Vena recounts three contemporary reports concerning Musk’s lucrative stock alternatives, the likely of extra tax credits for Tesla, and the unrivaled halo of satellites build into orbit by one other Musk firm, SpaceX.

Jason Hall: Danny, Elon Musk?

Danny Vena: Musk. Musk. Musk. I will initiate up off by announcing the plan for what Elon Musk is doing. That is no doubt graceful knowledge for shareholders. The real fact that Tesla grew 743% final twelve months, it provides a small bit little bit of background.

Musk bought four grants in 2020, to interact 8.4 million shares of Tesla stock. After paying the reveal sign, those blocks of alternatives are price $6.2 billion. Mixed, appropriate looking out $25 billion, which implies that from those alternatives alone, Musk has made extra cash than he used to be price final twelve months, when Forbes build him on the billionaire checklist because the realm’s 31st richest person.

Just a few varied pieces of recordsdata, Congress might maybe doubtless simply give Tesla patrons an additional 400,000 tax credits of $7,000 every, as congressional Democrats appropriate passed the Growing Renewable Vitality and Efficiency Now Act, or GREEN Act. If that passes, Tesla goes with a aim to let patrons remove in $7,000 tax credit ranking for its subsequent 400,000 vehicles sold.

At final, SpaceX now owns about one-third of all vigorous satellites in the sky, as a results of as a lot as the moment launches of its Starlink Web constellation, has about 1,000 vigorous satellites in the sky, by far, a very well-known array in orbit. Musk, Musk, and extra Musk.

Hall: When’s the cologne coming out, Musk by Elon? Is that overplayed? [laughs]

Vena: Touche.

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