Li Auto Should Be Worth $30.21, 21% More Than Its Current Price

Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI) is a Chinese language electric automobile (EV) stock that appears to be like to be too low-value. Right here is the cause. It trades for correct 4.4 events forward sales, in accordance with Seeking Alpha’s compilation of analysts’ estimates. But its peers in the Chinese language EV market have critical bigger valuations. There doesn’t appear to be any neatly suited the clarification why Li stock wouldn’t have an identical high valuation.

A front view of the Li Xiang One SUV from Li Auto (LI).

A entrance look for of the Li Xiang One SUV from Li Auto (LI).

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We’ll accumulate to the bottom of this in two steps. First, we’ll purchase a peek at how Li compares to several completely different EV producers. 2nd, we’ll model what Li might perhaps well peek treasure in the slay.

Let’s boom, Nio (NYSE: NIO) trades for 7.65 events yr-quit 2022 forecast sales. That is 74% bigger than Li Auto’s valuation. This without a doubt doesn’t originate any sense.

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Li Auto’s Observe-to-Gross sales Comps

Perhaps it is that this. Nio is anticipated to originate $8.76 billion in sales in 2022 and has a $67.44 billion market value. Li Auto is forecast to have $5.1 billion and has a $22 billion market value. That suggests Nio has a 72% bigger sales stage. Then again it just isn’t wise to give NIO stock a 74% bigger tag-to-sales a few appropriate as a result of it has 72% bigger sales.

Let’s boom, in accordance to this metric, Li Auto might perhaps well calm have a market value of $39 billion, which is 7.65 events $5.1 billion in forecast sales. That’s 77% bigger than its novel market value of $22 billion.

Right here is one other anomaly. Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV), one other Chinese language EV maker, has a $27.33 billion market value, bigger than Li Auto’s $22 billion. But XPeng is forecast to originate appropriate $4.25 billion in sales by Dec. 2022.

On account of this truth, this provides Xpeng a critical bigger tag-to-sales a few of 6.6, in comparison with Li Auto’s 4.4 a few. Moreover, its $4.3 billion in sales is decrease than Li Auto’s $5.1 billion forecast sales. And XPEV stock has a $5 billion bigger market value than Li Auto’s $22 billion market value.

And it is no longer as if any of those companies are already easy profitable. None of them are expected to originate excessive profits till after 2022. If truth be told, one analyst at Seeking Alpha implies that Li Auto is forecast to originate $164 million in free cash waft right thru 2022.

So it appears to be like we are able to forecast that Li Auto is value critical more. But how critical?

Valuing LI Inventory

There are several systems we might perhaps well rep a value for LI stock. First, let’s peek at the comps. As indicated above, its peers have bigger tag-to-sales multiples. Let’s purchase an common of all three and apply that to Li Auto.

Nio has a tag-to-sales ratio of 7.65, Xpeng is at 6.6, and Li Auto is at 4.4. The frequent of all three of those is 6.22. On account of this truth, assuming Li Auto hits its $5.1 billion sales forecast, the market value might perhaps well calm now be $31.7 billion.

This represents a seemingly manufacture of 44% over at this time time’s market value of $22 billion. In completely different phrases, Li stock might perhaps well calm be value $35.94, which is 44% more than its June 3 tag of $24.96.

One other technique is to utilize its forecast free cash waft (FCF) and value the stock accordingly. Let’s boom, let’s steal it hits $164 million in FCF this yr and 50% more by 2022, or $246 million. The use of a 1% FCF yield, the stock might perhaps well calm have a $24.6 billion market value. That represents a seemingly manufacture of 11.8% over its $22 billion market value. It puts LI stock at a value of $27.90 per part.

Lastly, let’s peek at its earnings per part projections. Analysts estimate that by 2024 Li Auto will originate 24 cents per part, in accordance with Seeking Alpha. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) trades for 85.6 events forward earnings.

Let’s use a 25% good deal and apply that to LI stock. That might perhaps well give it a stunning value estimate of 64 events earnings. On account of this truth, 64 events 24 cents EPS equals $15.36 per part. That is a 38.5% good deal to its novel tag of $24.96.

What To Attain With LI Inventory

We have now got three valuation systems for LI stock. The use of tag-to-sales comps the stock is value $35.94. The use of a FCF technique and FC yield, it is value $27.90. Lastly, the utilization of a forward P/E model, LI stock is value $15.36.

The frequent of all three of those systems is a tag target of $26.40. That represents a seemingly manufacture of appropriate 5.8% over its novel tag of $24.96.

Then again, we attain no longer have the identical stage of self assurance in all three of those systems. Let’s boom, it is critical more uncomplicated to measure and forecast future sales than free cash waft and earnings. On account of this truth let’s weigh them differently.

Let’s boom, a more appropriate valuation would give a 60% weight to the value-to-sales model, and 20% each to the several two items. Right here is how that works out: (60% x $35.94) + (20% x $27.90) + (20% x $15.36). This works out to the sum of $21.56 + $5.58 + $3.07. The total weighted common tag target is $30.21. That represents a seemingly manufacture of 21% in LI stock.

We former three items, collectively with comps, FCF and earnings estimates, and weighted these three items. As a consequence, LI stock is value 21% more at $30.21.

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