Midday Meme Stock Report for 8/16: AMC, ContextLogic, Nio, Robinhood

Our total portfolio of meme stocks trended down at noon Monday, with accurate a half of dozen stocks exhibiting a personal for the day. A peek at Constancy’s elaborate book for Monday, on the opposite hand, indicates that opt orders are considerably more frequent than promote orders.

Excluding the SPY index fund, doubtlessly the most ceaselessly talked about stock on r/wallstreetbets Monday became AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AMC). Day to day mentions are up 360%, and the proportion designate became rising too, even though by a more modest amount. Earlier in the morning, theater selling neighborhood National CineMedia reported that a most fresh peep of 1,311 moviegoers showed 79% were no longer overly concerned with the Delta variant of COVID-19, 82% were fully vaccinated and 87% were to a movie show this year, and the same proportion thought to pass again.

ContextLogic Inc. (NASDAQ: WISH) posted quarterly outcomes final Thursday that upset investors on at the least four counts: original app installs, a drop in time spent on the company’s e-commerce plot, a 6% drop in revenue, and a 10-fold amplify in quarterly rep loss. That despatched shares plunging Friday, along with five analyst downgrades, comprising four reductions from the the same of Interact to Advantage and one from Advantage to Sell.

Robinhood Markets Inc. (NASDAQ: HOOD) is scheduled to file quarterly earnings later this week. We might be pleased a more total see at what to query in Tuesday’s earnings preview, but for now, we present the quarterly revenue expectations vary from around $521 million to around $560 million and the per-share loss is anticipated to be around $0.26.

Nio Inc. (NYSE: NIO) shares dropped sharply from Friday’s shut to Monday’s opening following reports that one amongst the company’s autos became concerned with a crash that killed a 31-year veteran Chinese entrepreneur. The crash and a identical fatal accident in July appealing the Nio’s self-driving scheme led the authorities’s alternate newspaper to counsel that more regulations might be imposed if automakers fail to pay more attention to security.

In the noon hour Monday, AMC traded up about 5.4%, at $35.28 in a 52-week vary of $1.91 to $72.62. The frequent on daily foundation shopping and selling quantity is around 174 million, and about 59 million had traded thus a ways on the day.

ContextLogic’s stock became down about 10% to $6.78, in a 52-week vary of $6.69 to $32.85. The frequent on daily foundation shopping and selling quantity is 71.4 million, and 52.7 million had modified palms already.

Robinhood traded down about 6.3% to $47.45m in a post-IPO vary of $33.25 to $85.00 The frequent on daily foundation quantity is around 57 million shares, and about 7.3 million had traded.

Nio stock traded down about 6.3% Monday, at $38.47 in a 52-week vary of $13.06 to $66.99. The frequent on daily foundation shopping and selling quantity is ready 58.4 million shares, and 48.7 million had traded already.

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