The SEC wrote Tesla in 2019 and 2020 about Elon Musk’s tweets

In 2018 the govt. sued Tesla CEO Elon Musk over his tweets about taking the firm interior most after the tweets sent Tesla’s stock label down. A settlement in 2019 established principles requiring pre-approval from Tesla lawyers for tweets about clear subjects, however as Musk suggested 60 Minutes, “Neatly, I yelp we would maybe blueprint some errors. Who knows?.”

For those that question the SEC, two explicit tweets were “errors,” as the Wall Avenue Journal reports that the agency wrote to Tesla about each and each incidents, announcing that they hadn’t been pre-licensed per the agreement.

One, about Tesla’s stock label being “too excessive” initiated a lawsuit by a shareholder, and the firm described it as falling outside the agreed subjects because it be Musk’s “private opinion.” Whereas the SEC is it appears “very concerned by Tesla’s repeated determinations that there were no protection violations thanks to purported prick-outs,” no longer lower than to this level, it hasn’t taken extra circulation against the firm or its CEO.

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