There’s A ‘STOPELON’ Crypto Minted By People That Elon Musk Has Pissed Off

By Mikelle Leow, 19 Might perhaps perhaps also simply 2021

Images by technique of STOPELON and Shutterstock

With right tweets, Elon Musk has single-handedly manipulated the cryptocurrency market. Dogecoin crashed and soared at his bidding, and his abrupt decision with Tesla to no longer accumulate bitcoin for environmental causes has riled up no longer handiest cryptocurrency traders however also bitcoin’s price.

In an episode fairly of equivalent to Mean Ladies, some cryptocurrency customers are now exacting payback by launching a unusual cryptocurrency known as $STOPELON. In step with Tom’s Manual, STOPELON’s price surged by 1,800% within 24 hours of being minted.

A single STOPELON has a price of shut to nothing, even though. On the time of e-newsletter, one STOPELON is price US$0.0000772719.

In incompatibility to some meme currencies that were created for fun, STOPELON has a perform to at closing grow unparalleled adequate to resolve Tesla stock and take full control of the automaker.

“[Musk is] toying with of us’s portfolio like sweet, like the narcissistic billionaire he’s and continually will be,” its keep reads. “We are announcing ENOUGH. Hence, we created $STOPELON. Where we procure prosperous, without anybody controlling our destiny with the exception of ourselves.”

[via Tom’s Guide and Input, images via various sources]

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