These Car Trivia Questions Are So Hard, It’s OK If You Don’t Even Know Half The Answers
These Car Trivia Questions Are So Hard, It’s OK If You Don’t Even Know Half The Answers

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It’s wild to reflect that Jalopnik has already performed four weeks of Virtual Car Minutiae—a formulation to bring readers together at some level of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s different enjoyable, though, and this week Jason, a notify customer, and I brought some darned random inquiries to the Zoom session. See while you happen to might per chance well moreover answer them.

I even want to confess that Jason and I would need consumed a minute bit too grand of our drinks on Friday evening, because we were performing a minute bit wacky, and we’re reasonably wacky to originate up with. I reflect our web space hosting talents took a minute bit of a hit consequently, nonetheless fortunately we had particular customer Chris Boznos, The US’s Leading Diminutive Golf Historian on hand to aid things sane by asking enormous minigolf-connected car questions.

Due to him, and my buddy Rochelle serving to me host and protecting computer screen of time, the nice majority of the 75 contributors who confirmed up caught round for the two hours. Right here are the 40-ish questions we asked. Let me know what number of you obtain correct in the feedback below.

Round 1: Technical Questions

  1. What is the title of the comely powder outmoded to give tires their shaded hue? What is the most fundamental advantage of along with this powder in a tire?
  2. Title five warmth exchangers stumbled on on the Bugatti Veyron.
  3. Title the SAE towing regular for certifying a car’s trailer weight ranking?
  4. What are the rubber flaps that are inclined to be stumbled on in the aid of a car’s rear bumper conceal?
  5. A typical CV axle on a front-wheel power car has two rubber boots, each and each protecting a joint. Give the title of the commonest form of interior CV joint. Give the title of the commonest form of outer CV joint.
  6. What is the title of the most fresh and most advanced atomize test dummy outmoded by NHTSA? How grand does it rate to fabricate? With pattern having begun in earnest in 2009 primarily based on Bloomberg, the dummy “comprises considerably improved biofidelity and vastly expanded injury review capabilities in all physique regions” NHTSA says. Per Auto News, its “beefy rib package, clavicles and softer facets replicate participants more precisely than [previous] Hybrid 3 dummies, and it will decide some distance more files, enabling engineers to greater note how the physique interacts with the automobile in a atomize. [The new dummy has] 140 files channels, when put next with 43 on a Hybrid 3, as effectively as some weird instrumentation.
  7. Scientists test a gasoline’s ability to withstand knocking by working a variable compression ratio engine at a given RPM and monitoring the motor’s behaviour relative to how it might per chance per chance per chance behave if flee on a mixture of iso-octane and n-heptane.. What is the following output from this test? It’s a single quantity. I need the title of that quantity (three words). One other test is the same nonetheless more tense, flee at a greater RPM, with pre-heated gasoline, and with altered ignition timing. What’s this one called? Let’s staunch philosophize a given blend of gasoline is flee by means of both assessments, and it receives a 95 on the principle and a 85 on the 2d. What quantity will doubtless be displayed on a typical American gas pump? What is the title of this quantity?
  8. What is the principle efficiency advantage of the usage of a liquid-to-air intercooler as a substitute of an air-to-air?

[Answers to round 1]

Round 2: Particular customer Chris Boznos, The US’s Leading Diminutive Golf Historian

  1. Methodology aid miniature golf became as soon as referred to, regrettably, as midget golf. Title 4 car models that shared this unhappy naming convention.
  2. Alongside the same traces, mini-golf goes hand and hand with plug-karting, and whereas bumper autos and karts existed for a extremely very long time, in the 1950s who grew to alter into the fathers of fresh plug-karting? Where did it originate?
  3. What section of a car has been historically outmoded on many mini golf classes as a predicament?
  4. What standard sci-fi book makes a speciality of both a futuristic mini-golf vogue sport and early automobile mass production to symbolise the empty, frivolous, consumerism-stuffed lives of its characters?
  5. Mary Pickford, the foundation for Snow White and one of Hollywood’s first worthy stars became as soon as a worthy miniature golf fan and owned her possess in actuality extra special direction in L.A. She became as soon as on occasion called California “Customer #1.” as the principle on the West Sprint to ranking supply of what effectively-known car?

Bonus: Which of the following autos did she possess? Fiat Jolly, 56 Thunderbird convertible, 61 Lincoln Continental?

[Answer to round 2]

Round 3: American Car Companies In Europe

  1. The Quad 4 engine—the very first fully GM-designed dual overhead cam inline-four—became as soon as glorious ever installed in a single minivan. Title that minivan. That minivan came with a five-tempo e-book; Who supplied that transmission to GM?
  2. Title the two-letter program code for the Graz, Austria-constructed first-generation Jeep Massive Cherokee, called ZJ in North The US.
  3. Title four American autos (i.e. supplied by an American car company) constructed by Magna in Graz.
  4. What did Ford name its early Mustangs in Europe thanks to a trademark subject? Which company held the trademark for the title “Mustang”?
  5. In 2002, DaimlerChrysler supplied its Graz, Austria-primarily based company, which became as soon as a joint endeavor between Chrysler and Steyr-Daimler-Puch. What did DaimlerChrysler name this company? Which car became as soon as this company shaped to fabricate in the early 1990s? Magna absorbed the corporate, nonetheless glorious after stopping production of 1 quirky Chrysler car. This car’s Toluca, Mexico output needed to be assisted as a result of in level of truth excessive preliminary put a question to of, nonetheless the put a question to of mercurial waned and production in Europe became as soon as now now not wanted. Title that car.
  6. What were the names of the European-market models of the Chevrolet Volt and Streak?
  7. What became as soon as the Euro-market version of the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky called? What became as soon as its predecessor? (2 pts)
  8. Whereby city did Ford manufacture the most fresh Focal level RS?

[Answers to round 3]

Round 4: Title The Toy Car









[Answers to round 4]

Round 5: Brazil

  1. Encourage in the 1960s, Ford’s Brasil supplied a Willys-Overland assemble Brasil plant, and re-branded the Willys Wagon and Willys Pickup as Fords. What names did Ford give these two autos? )
  2. What European sports activities car became as soon as in-constructed Brazil and supplied as the Willys Interlagos Berlinette?
  3. What renewable biofuel has Brazil been the usage of extensively in its autos since 1975, and what is it called there?
  4. In 1972, automobile journalist Cláudio Larangeira grew to alter into the principle—and with a minute bit of luck final—journalist to ranking an automaker are trying and shoot them when a safety guard seen him attempting to ranking photos of a yet-to-be released mannequin, and fired at him with his gun. What automaker became as soon as the protection guard working for, and what became as soon as the mannequin the journalist became as soon as attempting to characterize?
  5. The coachbuilder Sulamericana took Ford of Brazil F-100 pickup trucks and became them into autos called the GB Drift. What more or less car became as soon as the GB Drift?
  6. The main four-door air-cooled VW sedan supplied in Brazil, known as the VW 1600, had a nickname primarily based on a effectively-known Brazilian dread movie personality. What became as soon as that title?
  7. What Brazilian carmaker sells fibreglass off-roaders that stumble on nearly an connected to Jeep Wranglers nonetheless are named for a Portuguese adaption of a Scandinavian mythical creature?
  8. Volkswagen of Brazil and Ford of Brazil teamed as a lot as fabricate badge-engineered variations of the European Ford Orion. Ford called their car the Ford Verona; what became as soon as the VW version called?
  9. What Brazilian carmaker constructed oddly nonetheless fascinatingly-styled VW-primarily based off-roaders, trucks, and later city autos, entire with their very possess air-cooled flat-twin engines?

[Answer to round 5]


1. Crew 3: 41 choices

2. Crew 12, Crew 14: 39 choices

3. Crew 4: 33.5 choices

4. Crew 8: 33 choices

5. Crew 13: 29.25 pionts

6. Crew 11: 29 choices

7. Crew 5: 28 choices

8. Crew Luke Huntington: 25.5 choices

9. Crew 7: 18.33 choices

The tip scores became as soon as 41 out of 66 ability choices or 62 per cent, though the everyday became as soon as 31.55 choices. That’s roughly a 48 per cent realistic. Sounds about correct for Jalopnik’s rigorous digital car trivia evening.

This text became as soon as in the origin published in April 2020.

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